WASHINGTON, DC – This afternoon, U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (WI-02) spoke on the House floor in support of reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy after the draft Supreme Court opinion reversing Roe v. Wade was leaked earlier this month.

Rep. Mark Pocan
May 12, 2022
Remarks as Delivered

The leaked Supreme Court document shows a complete disregard by the court majority for the fundamental right to control one’s own body by having access to safe abortion care.

In Wisconsin, the end of Roe vs. Wade would drag us back to ’49. 1849, when our state law banning abortion was enacted and is still on the books.

In 1849 in Wisconsin, the first telegraph was received. There was a six and a half-cent tax on every vehicle drawn by a single horse, and railroad tracks were constructed going west for the first time outside of Milwaukee.

My constituents like the vast majority of Americans don’t want to go back. They want healthcare decisions to be made by laws that weren’t passed when slavery was legal. They want women to have full access to modern healthcare, and that means access to safe abortion care. I yield back.

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