WASHINGTON, DC— Congressman Bryan Steil (WI-01) joined a roundtable hosted by Leader Kevin McCarthy to discuss the policies in Washington that are driving up costs, and hear from small business owners about the impact inflation is having on their operations. During the roundtable, Steil joined Members of Congress in discussing the need to unleash American energy to reduce fuel costs, and encourage policies that will get workers back to work.

“Wisconsin families, including family-owned businesses, are getting hit by rising costs, a supply chain crisis, and worker shortages. The policies coming out of Washington are not providing solutions to these issues. We need to change course and get our economy back on track. We can do this by encouraging domestic energy production, promoting policies that get workers off the sidelines, and roll back the burdensome regulations being put in place by the Biden Administration,” said Rep. Bryan Steil.

“We watched what the Biden administration did when they first came in and attacked the energy industry, what did they think the price of gasoline would get to? Every small business gets higher costs from regulation, higher costs of hiring someone to work, higher costs for goods and services, and gasoline compounding across this, that’s why this economy is hurting,” said Leader Kevin McCarthy.


The Producer Price Index rose 11% from April of last year and the Consumer Price index is still running at a 40 year high. Small business owners from across the country joined the roundtable to share their experiences and the impact rising prices are having.

To watch the roundtable, click here.

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