Superior, WI – U.S. Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07) blasted President Joe Biden for killing thousands of good-paying, Wisconsin jobs by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline and highlighted what he expected to hear from President Biden during his visit to the Twin Ports.

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“You can see right behind me is the Blatnik Bridge. President Biden came over here just a few minutes ago to speak in Superior – going to talk about infrastructure, creating jobs, things like that.”

“Well, on January 20, 2021, he killed thousands of jobs here in America when he shut down the Keystone Pipeline, as well as other infrastructure projects that have to do with producing energy in America so that we are energy independent. We’re now once again dependent on foreign sources of oil, and that makes America weaker.

“We can produce it right here, and it all comes together right here in the Twin Ports. We have pipelines. We’ve got rail. We’ve got ports. We’ve got interstate. We’ve got air. It all comes together right here. This is a critical infrastructure node here in the Twin Ports, Superior and Duluth, for the rest of America.” 

“I hope President Biden will talk about – let’s get this refinery done in Superior; let’s get those pipelines upgraded, like Line 5 over in Ashland County all the way over to the Mackinac Straits. That’s how we’re going to make America strong! Create jobs, make our economy stronger, limit inflation, bringing the cost of energy down, which has skyrocketed in the year since he went and shut down the Keystone Pipeline, and it’ll also enhance our national security and make us a stronger America.”

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