WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07) joined his House Natural Resources Committee colleagues in introducing six pieces of legislation to reverse the Biden administration’s anti-energy policies and unleash domestic energy production here at home. Specifically, these important bills would resume onshore or offshore oil and gas lease sales and require the Biden administration to process applications for new oil and gas drilling in a timely manner.

“The Biden administration has hamstrung American energy producers for far too long, and now Wisconsinites are bearing the brunt of Biden’s price hike when traveling to work, heating their homes, and fertilizing their land,” said Congressman Tiffany. “Energy independence is national security, and the only roadblock standing in the way of America’s energy independence is President Biden. Let’s stop funding authoritarian regimes and allow America’s energy capabilities to lead the world.”

Congressman Tiffany is an original cosponsor of the six pieces of legislation introduced today by members of the House Natural Resources Committee. Tiffany, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, is committed to achieving mineral dominance and energy independence in America. For more information on the six pieces of legislation Congressman Tiffany co-led, click here. 

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