WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07) traveled to Yuma, Arizona and Pinal County to witness the firsthand impact of the humanitarian and national security crisis occurring at our southern border.

His visit to Arizona comes a little under a year after Tiffany traveled to the Darién Gap in Panama, the “front end” of an overloaded migrant pipeline that runs through dangerous and hostile terrain. Congressman Tiffany also made trips to the southern border during the Trump administration. Since his initial visits in 2020, the situation has spiraled further out of control. Last month was the worst month of migrant encounters at the border since Bill Clinton was president, and after the Trump-era pandemic measure allowing for the rapid removal of some migrants known as “Title 42” is rolled back, it will likely get even worse. Estimated daily illegal crossings are estimated to triple to some 18,000 per day once Title 42 is swept away.

“From my visit to Arizona, it is clear that President Biden isn’t trying to secure our southern border, he’s intentionally erasing it. The Biden administration is deliberately orchestrating one of the worst invasions of American soil all while empowering drug and human traffickers,” said Tiffany.

“Many migrants are either trafficked, enter indentured servitude, or perish on their journey to the southern border. Fentanyl poisonings are killing our loved ones as deaths have doubled in 30 states between 2019 and 2021,” Tiffany continued. “By removing Title 42, the Biden administration is now removing the last tool in America’s toolbox to prevent an outright humanitarian and national security catastrophe,”

“There is no sugar-coating what’s going on. Seeing the reality of the crisis that is coming through Arizona’s front yard and ending up in Wisconsin’s backyard makes it that much more important to finish the border wall, reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico,’ and end the failed policy of ‘catch and release.’ President Biden is making a mockery of our immigration law, and it’s destroying the fabric of our nation,” Tiffany concluded.

On Monday, Congressman Tiffany received a tour from Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, where he witnessed the direct impact of the environmental destruction from President Bidens’s border crisis. While Pinal County is a hotspot for drug smugglers and illegal crossers transporting fentanyl and methamphetamines, Sheriff Lamb pointed out that the drugs ultimately end up in every single state. For reference, last year, the United States recorded its highest number of drug overdoses, totaling over 100,000 deaths.

The following day, Congressman Tiffany traveled to the Morelos Dam in Yuma, Arizona where he observed migrants crossing over into our country illegally and turning themselves into U.S. Customs and Border Protection. When Congressman Tiffany interviewed the migrants from Columbia and India, many said they paid $3,000 to $5,000 a head to Mexican cartels for their journey here. Thanks to President Biden’s open border policies, migrants now have an incentive to make the dangerous journey through cartel territory under life-threatening conditions. At the same time, the White House has put a target on the backs of migrant families who must often pay the Mexican cartels thousands of dollars to cover the cost of their family member’s journey. If they fail to pay, the consequences can be deadly.

Congressman Tiffany also attended a briefing with the border patrol chief and agents from the Yuma Sector of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The briefing reinforced what most Americans already know: Our southern border is out-of-control and becoming more dangerous by the day.

Yuma Sector Border Chief Chris Clem has already warned the Yuma mayor that he may have to release migrants out to roam the streets when Title 42 ends on May 23rd. In Fiscal Year 2022, the Yuma Sector has already apprehended migrants from a staggering 96 countries and have doubled their year-to-date numbers from last year. The tidal wave of migrants has converted Border Patrol agents into little more than a greeting service for illegal immigrants – stretching the force thin and hampering their ability to interdict drugs.

At the briefing, Congressman Tiffany asked what needs to be done to secure our southern border. While keeping Title 42 in place would certainly help, the long-term solutions are to reimplement ‘Remain in Mexico,’ finish the border wall, and shut off the incentives that are encouraging record-breaking numbers of migrants to make the trip. With the border wall finished, agents can respond to border crossings at limited checkpoints – something they cannot do now thanks to the lack of manpower or infrastructure needed to patrol such a sprawling area.

Below is a video of border wall materials that have already been paid for by the American taxpayer, sitting idle in the desert. Instead of finishing the construction of the border wall, President Biden has chosen to let it rust in the sun.

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