OSHKOSH— U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) led a listening session with Wisconsin parents to discuss their children’s futures, the impact of COVID-19 on learning and getting involved in the community. Senator Johnson heard the concerns of parents in a two hour long roundtable that resulted in a discussion where Wisconsin parents shared their fears about online learning, critical race theory and speaking up on behalf of their children.


Watch the video here.


Excerpts from Wisconsin parents below.


“It’s very clear that parents, educators, and everybody are really concerned about the well-being of our children, their education and what their future is gonna look like.”


“Be bold. Be courageous. The kids are too important to stay silent anymore. You need to be willing to take action like your children’s lives depend on it, because they do.” 


“As a mother of two, my biggest takeaway is to see that show of support from not only the senator, but also parents like myself, and how we can impact our communities. We as parents need to keep using our voices, keep standing for our kids, to do the hard things so that hopefully things are better for them in the future and not worse.”

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