OSHKOSH – Last weekend, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) traveled to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to hear from constituents at a local Kwik Trip about how they’ve been harmed by rising gas prices and inflation. Wisconsinites are struggling to get to work and provide for their families as a result of Democrat governance.

 Watch the video here

On rising gas prices

 “I think they’re crap. My husband, he drives a truck, so it’s definitely gonna be over 100 bucks for that.”

 “$20. That’s all I can afford right now.”

 On the impact of inflation

 “It’s ridiculous. Everything’s going up and it’s just making everything more unaffordable. The more you work, the more they take out, the more you pay for everything else.”

Steel is gonna go up a lot, lumber is gonna go up a lot. Just because it’s the time where everybody’s really, you know, building.”

Read more about the Senator’s conversation with constituents in Breitbart.

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