WASHINGTON—This week, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Kudlow” and “Fox Business Tonight” as well as Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” to discuss Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress and the consequences of Biden’s failed leadership.

The interviews can be found herehere and here. Excerpts are below.

On Zelenskyy’s Address to Congress:

“Well, first of all, it was heart wrenching. It’s quite honestly sad that President Zelenskyy felt he had to address a joint session of Congress and basically beg for the kind of support that he should have been offered ahead of time. Those MiGs should have been quietly transferred to Ukraine more than a week ago. The first person that shouldn’t have even known about them was the Russian pilot that got shot out of the sky. This administration should have been lining up all the lethal defensive weaponry that NATO, that Eastern European countries could have been providing and flooding into Ukraine should Vladimir Putin invade. But we haven’t been prepared, so we’ve been slow to react and the Ukrainians are being slaughtered. This is completely unjustified, completely unprovoked. Ukraine represented a threat to no one. I think one of the more poignant points that President Zelenskyy made is the fact that yes, Ukraine is fighting for their children, for their families, for their freedom, for their democracy, for their country, but they are also fighting for all of our values. So freedom loving people must provide the support the courageous Ukrainian people need that President Zelenskyy is begging for.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Spicer & Co.’ 3/16/22)

On Biden’s Gas Hike:

“You and I both know, and I hope the American public understands, that well before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he was tempted by all the weakness of this administration, Democrat policies, the gasoline prices were rising because of those policies. The Democrat war on fossil fuel. The cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. We just saw the Federal Reserve nominee withdraw because she wanted to enact, through the Federal Reserve policies, the restriction of capital into our fossil fuel industries. Fortunately, we had Joe Manchin side with Republicans and said we aren’t going to confirm that individual, but they will continue to do this through other agencies as well. This is a war on fossil fuel. It increased the cost of not only gasoline, but other energy. Energy is a component of basically every good and service, and it’s also helping spark inflation together with the out of control deficit spending which has now sparked a 40-year high, 7.9% inflation. That’s not the worst of it. Producer price index – that report just came out. 10.08%, which is a harbinger of future inflation to come.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Fox Business Tonight,’ 3/15/22)

On Democrats’ Failed Policies:


“Democrats have to have a bogeyman because they won’t admit it’s their policies that are causing all these problems. They knew they were going to cause these problems. When you dismantle all the successful programs at the border, when you stop building the wall, you’re going to get illegal immigration. When you print trillions of dollars that we don’t have and spend that money on programs that incentivize people to stay on the sidelines and not enter the work force, exacerbating our supply shortage, you’re going to spark inflation. And, of course, when you have an embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, that’s going to, again, tempt tyrants to take advantage of the situation. Russia in Ukraine. Iran testing its weapons. China with Taiwan. Let’s hope they don’t basically take the same attitude that Russia’s taken.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Fox Business Tonight,’ 3/15/22)

On Mainstream Media Bias:


“The mainstream media – the legacy, the corporate media, whatever you want to call them, the big tech social media giants – they’re the communication apparatus for the Democrat party, for the Biden administration. Remember, they got him elected even though he campaigned from his basement, so they’re going to cover up for him. This isn’t going to get the coverage to develop the public outrage that this really should be developing.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Kudlow,’ 3/16/22)

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