WASHINGTON – On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ “Faulkner Focus” and Newsmax’s “Stinchfield” to discuss how Biden’s policies are harmful to our economy and demonstrate weakness abroad. 

The interviews can be found here and here, excerpts are below. 

On Biden’s Weakness: 

“Stop leading from behind. Actually provide the type of weaponry – the Stingers, the Javelins, the drones would be helpful. I was fully supportive of the MiG jets. Give the brave people of Ukraine all the tools they need to defend themselves, to stop the slaughter, the atrocities, the war crimes. We are completely justified in doing that, but again what is so embarrassing is President Biden goes crawling to the Ayatollahs to get back into the Iranian agreement. They won’t even meet with the U.S.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Stinchfield,’ 3/14/22)

 “I certainly agree with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under Obama, who said that Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue over the last four decades and his string continues. The weakness that President Biden has conveyed to our enemies has emboldened them. And Ronald Reagan said that you achieve peace through strength. It’s way more than military strength, it’s economic strength. We’ve been weakened because of all the deficit spending, record high inflation, open borders, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan. But remember President Biden laid out his number one goal is to unify and heal this nation. He’s done the exact opposite, and that’s where American weakness begins is we’re disunified and it is the left that continues to divide us. It’s not the right. We’re happy to let people live their lives and just keep government off our back and let us get on with our business. But the left forces everything on us. They keep pushing and pushing and they divide us, and that also makes us weak.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Stinchfield,’ 3/14/22) 

On Biden’s Gas Hike and Record Inflation:

“This didn’t just happen. Higher gas prices, higher energy prices, a 40 year high inflation of 7.9%. That is the direct result of Democrat policies – their war on fossil fuel, their green energy fantasy. I am for an all-the-above energy strategy, but that should also focus on nuclear power. The enormous prices in gasoline. That is just the most visible sign of the disastrous impact of Democrat energy policies. Across the board, we are driving up energy prices. Energy affects everything we buy. It is also fueling inflation. We need fossil fuels to power our economy.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘The Faulkner Focus,’ 3/14/22)

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