Madison – “Five conservative extremists have traded the US Supreme Court’s legitimacy and the legal personhood of women for their own selfish crusade to impose their narrow religious views on an unwilling nation. Despite some four out of five Americans wanting abortion to remain safe and legal, five Justices have voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, rendering abortion illegal or unavailable in about half the states, including Wisconsin.

Wisconsinites now face a difficult road to accessing abortion, with an 1849 criminal abortion ban still on the books, along with many restrictions and regulations on abortion been passed over the last 50 years. Because of the legal uncertainty, many physicians will not risk felony charges and years in prison to continue providing abortion care. States where abortion remains legal will be overwhelmed with demand, so it will be challenging even for those with the means to travel. To change this, we must have political leaders who support the right to choose and who will work to restore our legal rights, at every level of government.

That said, Wisconsinites can safely and legally self-manage abortions now and in the future. Medication abortion is safe, easy to use, and private – every person of reproductive age should order one now at It costs about $100 and takes approximately 4 weeks to arrive, so it’s important to order now before you need it, since it must be taken in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for maximum effectiveness. There are currently NO legal penalties for people who self-manage abortion – despite the efforts of GOP politicians.

When abortion is illegal, women die. Millions of people’s lives will be made worse by these five right-wing justices, and our nation as a whole is less fair, less healthy, and less free as a result of today’s lawless and unjust decision. I will continue to fight for reproductive freedom and justice for everyone. Being able to control our own bodies and our own reproduction is not just a constitutional imperative but a fundamental human right that no judge or politician can erase.”

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