Green Bay, Wis. – UW-Green Bay’s Institute for Women’s Leadership is sponsoring an ongoing monthly “Caffeinated Conversations” discussion series. The topics highlight gender and leadership equity and are intended to amplify and inspire women.

The morning sessions take place virtually and in-person at coffee shops in Northeast Wisconsin from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and are hosted by Jessica Lambrecht, Executive Director of UW-Green Bay’s Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement. Each month, Jessica and a dynamic group of women grapple with an important topic, share experiences and offer each other advice and networking support.

“These conversations are vital,” says Janet Bonkowski, executive director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership. “Women come away from the conversations with new ideas about what might be possible in their personal and professional lives.” The Institute for Women’s Leadership is dedicated to advancing women at all stages of their career through education, inspiration and active engagement with each other to learn, grow and rise together.

“Caffeinated Conversation” events are attended by regular Institute members and non-members and area women or colleagues interested in a specific topic. Members are free, and non-members pay a nominal fee. Monthly topics for the remaining calendar year are as follows:

July 20 – Effective Communication

Women often make the mistake of not joining the conversation and not getting their voices heard at the table. Why is this? How can we change it? Join us as we discuss how to be powerful communicators who get noticed and make things happen in our organizations and communities. Location: Virtual via Zoom.

August 17 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel what you have earned and achieved is a fraud? Is so, you are not alone. In fact, up to 82% of people experience feelings of imposter syndrome. Even Einstein once said that he thought his research got way more attention than he thought it deserved! Connect with us as we discuss how to overcome imposter syndrome and be proud of the work and results you have achieved over your career. Location: Jenn’s Java, Manitowoc.

September 21 – Giving Back Makes Better Leaders

As a leader giving back is essential. We can all use our influence and experience to impact others on their road to success. No amount of philanthropy is too small, and you as a leader have a difference to make in someone’s life. Let’s unite and consider how we can give back and empower the next group of leaders. Location: Whisk Bakery & Coffee, Sheboygan.

October 19 – Confidence Boost

Do you ever say to yourself, “If only I had more confidence?” Or, “I am afraid I will sound like I don’t know what I am talking about?” Join us for a confidence BOOST to make a difference in your workplace as your experience and ideas MATTER! Location: The Serving Spoon, 821 1st Street, Menominee, MI.

November 16 – Bringing Authenticity to the Workplace

Bringing your real, vulnerable and complex self to work is hard. By being comfortable in yourself, you aren’t wasting time and energy monitoring your words and actions. Your workplace environment needs YOU ― your full self, complete with quirks, culture, history, perspective and education ― to build a workplace environment that thrives. Location: Kavarna Coffeehouse, Green Bay.

December 14 – Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace

Women must prioritize mental health on their way to the top. By recognizing and taking care of our personal mental health and mindset, we can be more present and effective in the workplace and at home. Let’s empower each other with personal intervention and strategies to take care of ourselves first and to put our best foot forward. Location: Virtually via Zoom.

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