MADISON, Wis. – UW Health recently completed a year-long project to improve the naming of its facilities system-wide.

In April, UW Health announced UW Health at The American Center was formally renamed to UW Health East Madison Hospital, but this news was part of a much larger project that spanned 2022.

In fact, UW Health updated the names of almost 40 facilities, including completely renaming almost a dozen patient care facilities.

Patients and the community will notice that most of the changes better align a facility’s name with its location, such as the UW Health – Arboretum Clinic becoming UW Health 1102 S. Park St. Clinic.

The reasons for this significant undertaking are two-fold, according to Ric Ransom, regional vice president and president of UW Hospitals-Madison Region, UW Health.

“This work vastly improves navigation to our locations for our patients and their families,” Ransom said. “And because we’ve grown so much in the last decade, and we’re not done growing, we’re giving ourselves a consistent roadmap for naming future facilities.”

Future facilities include UW Health Eastpark Medical Center, which broke ground in May 2022.

Patients should already be seeing these new names in UW Health communications. It also means brand new signage has been installed or will be installed soon, which should also improve wayfinding for patients, according to Ransom.

“We know that when patients are coming to see us, they’re often not at their best, they could be ill or injured, stressed or worried,” he said. “We want to make their journey to our doors as easy as possible, and we want to be as clear as possible so navigating to the right place at the right time is easy for all our visitors.”

A list of renamed patient care facilities is below.

A recorded interview with Ransom is available, as well as facility photos, B-roll and logos.

Old NameNew Name
UW Health – The American CenterUW Health East Madison Hospital
UW Health – Arboretum ClinicUW Health 1102 S Park St Clinic
UW Health – 1 South Park ClinicUW Health 1 S Park St Medical Center
Behavioral Health and Psychiatry Clinic BuildingUW Health 2275 Deming Way Clinic
Arbor GateUW Health Arbor Gate Clinic
UW Health – East ClinicUW Health E Terrace Dr Medical Center
UW Health – West ClinicUW Health Junction Rd Medical Center
UW Health – Northeast Family Medical CenterUW Health Northport Dr Clinic
UW Health – Odana AtriumUW Health Odana Rd Clinic
UW Health – Research Park ClinicUW Health Science Dr Medical Center
UW Health – Middleton RehabUW Health University Ave Rehabilitation Clinic
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