SOMERS, Wis. – The Criminal Justice Department at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is offering a community day centered around its Critical Thinking in Death Scene Investigation course.  This course is being offered by Dr. Jana Marie Truesdell, a professor in Cultural and Social Anthropology with an emphasis in Forensic Anthropology.

The community day event will be on Sunday, January 16, from 2-3:30 pm in the Black Box Theater.  Visitors will have an opportunity to walk through the stage and learn from experts in the field on determining the cause of death in the crime scene. Learn more about the Truth in a Nutshell community day and register at

Dr. Truesdell is a member of the Kenosha community with over nine years of experience in the field, working in conjunction with the Medical Examiner’s office in southeast Wisconsin.  Her experience and passion for this area of study has been instrumental in her sensemaking for this one-of-a-kind course.

“Investigation and critical thinking are important aspects of life, and the more you can hone in on these skills the better,” said Dr. Truesdell. “Television series and movies have sensationalized this field of work and people don’t always have the practical understanding of these investigative practices. This course will allow students to better understand what’s factual and possible beyond the realm of fiction.”

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