PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Welcome to the first Biden’s Buddy Brad, a weekly series pointing out the connections Democrat candidate Brad Pfaff has with President Joe Biden. Biden remains unpopular in Wisconsin, as his approval ratings have consistently fallen over the last year. Brad Pfaff and Joe Biden are cut from the same cloth, career politicians who have spent their lives advancing up the political ladder.

Derrick Van Orden is the exact opposite. A decorated Navy SEAL who served in Afghanistan to protect this nation. Derrick has been outspoken about the failed withdrawal, and the abandoning of thousands of Americans citizens and our allies to their fates at the hands of the Taliban.

What has Pfaff said about Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal? Nothing.

One year later, voters deserve to know. Does Brad Pfaff agree with the President who endorsed him that the withdrawal was an “extraordinary success?”

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