PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Joined 3rd Congressional District Candidate Derrick Van Orden yesterday in La Crosse to discuss the impact of Biden and Pelosi’s failed economic policies on Wisconsin farmers. First, they held a roundtable with local farmers and agriculture business owners, then toured Morning Star Dairy farm in Onalaska.
Leader McCarthy got to see firsthand the impact that the failed Biden agenda is having on Wisconsin farmers, something Derrick is seeing every day as he travels the 3rd District.
Take a look at some of the coverage from yesterday below:
WXOW: Rep. McCarthy joins Van Orden for farm visit
“In Wisconsin 90% of all dairy farms are small farms, family owned,” McCarthy said. “They’ve been generation after generation and it’s very difficult for them to survive and that’s what they’re concerned about.”
Mr. Van Orden also citing the current hardships facing farmers every day including the price of fuel, fertilizers and feed. The policies of government help were also an issue Van Orden said was a Democratic failure.
“The vast majority of farmers in the state of Wisconsin don’t want government money,” he said. “We don’t want the government in our business, we want to be able to run our business in a safe and efficient manner.”
McCarthy adding that in Washington, Republicans are always ready for some common sense solutions.
WKBT: McCarthy joins Van Orden at Onalaska farm to speak on economic struggles, inflation
“The incredible inflation is hurting our farmers,” Van Orden said. “The radical spending and the anti-energy policies are hurting our farmers.”
“It’s very difficult for farmers, especially smaller farmers, to survive when energy and spending levels and prices go up,” McCarthy said. “As an American, we all care about the quality of our food especially here in Wisconsin.”
As a result, Morning Star Dairy owner John Schaller says Wisconsin’s farmers are paying the price.
“Yes, the price of milk is more expensive for people to buy in the store. Yes we are getting more for our milk naturally because everything is inflated. But to produce that milk we got more expenses too. Fertilizer fuel and what not,” Schaller said. “So it’s just inflated dollars they’re playing with and it’s gonna blow up in their faces real quick if they don’t get this under wraps.”
WIZM: GOP leader McCarthy campaigns for Van Orden in La Crosse area farm country
The policies promoted by Democrats running Washington are not good for farm families in Wisconsin, according to Republicans on a Wisconsin tour Monday.
U.S. House minority leader, Republican Kevin McCarthy said that’s what he heard from La Crosse area farmers during a visit to the county. Along with 3rd Congressional District candidate Derrick Van Orden, McCarthy said he spoke to families operating small farms.
“In Wisconsin, more than 90 percent of all the dairy farms are small farms,” McCarthy, who serves a farming area near Los Angeles in Congress, said. “They’re all family-owned, and this is what they’ve been doing generation after generation.
“But what happens when you raise the fertilizer price, when you raise the feed price, when you put more regulations upon them, when you raise the energy cost? It’s very difficult for them to survive.”
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