PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Yesterday, Derrick Van Orden was joined by three members of the 3rd District community – a farmer, a truck driver, and a mom – to talk about the impact inflation and rising gas prices is having on them. Derrick and the participants in the press conference set out to show that these rising prices have a real impact on families, an impact that has been repeatedly ignored or played down in Washington DC.
Derrick also received the endorsement of the Wisconsin Grocers Association yesterday, in which they praised his small business and military background.
Take a look at the coverage from yesterday:
The Wisconsin Grocers Association: Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Derrick Van Orden in the Republican primary for the 3rd Congressional District
The Wisconsin Grocers Association (WGA) Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Derrick Van Orden in the Republican primary for the 3rd Congressional District.
“Derrick’s small business experience and his military background resonates with grocers,” said Michelle Kussow, Executive Vice President for WGA. “The Board’s vote recognizes that his values are closely aligned with our positions on several key issues important to the grocery industry.”
Regarding the endorsement, Van Orden said, “Our Wisconsin Grocers are vital to the health of our nation, we simply cannot live without them and the critical work they do every day for all of us. I am profoundly thankful for their endorsement and will work tirelessly to ensure that Washington DC starts working for them and everyone in our 3rd Congressional District.”
La Crosse Tribune: Republican congressional candidate, community members speak out against inflation
Leo Bork, a truck driver from Independence, said it costs him about $2,600 to fill his tank for a week’s worth of driving. He said the rising prices are costing people jobs, and as the middleman between farms and kitchens, it’s trickling down to the price of groceries.
This has been the case for Mary Carney, a mom from Stoddard who said she now works to balance paying for groceries, gas and utilities like she hasn’t had to before.
“I’ve had to scour shopping ads now, I share tips with my friends, other moms, about what’s on special, where and how long it’s going to be there,” Carney said. “I go to multiple stores for different items so I can get the best deal.”
WXOW: Van Orden critical of policies that he says are driving prices up
Van Orden stated that the spike in prices are putting American families in a position of choosing a common necessity over another.
“We’re facing record inflation right now. The Consumer Price Index raised by 7.9% last year-that’s the highest rate in forty years.” Van Orden said. “People are having to choose between filling up their gas tank and their grocery cart. In the United States of America and that is completely unacceptable.”
…Van Orden was also accompanied by a career farmer and truck driver who both said that the current energy prices have been detrimental not only to them, but other local businesses.
With the American families and people in the workforce struggling to keep up with the rising prices, Van Orden believes it is time for stronger leadership in Congress.
WKBT: Congressional candidate holds press conference addressing high gas, agricultural costs
“It’s very scary,” said Jim Leverich, a farmer from Sparta. “I’ve never seen anything like this in 30 years of farming. I’ve seen prices go up 50%, in other words, ammonia might go up to $700-800 from $500, but I’ve never seen it triple and even go more than triple.”
Van Orden says the inflation Americans are currently experiencing is because of government spending and poor policy.
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