PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District Republican candidate Derrick Van Orden hosted a discussion yesterday with local small business owners in Onalaska to talk about the issues that need to be tackled in Washington so that community businesses can thrive.
The discussion brought together bar and restaurant owners, farm suppliers, childcare providers, and more to talk about how inflation and rising costs are creating a devastating climate for local businesses.
Check out some of the coverage from WKBT on that discussion:
Van Orden and the owners talked about daily challenges, including labor and input costs.
Small business owners are spending thousands of extra dollars on energy and diesel costs, Van Orden said.
He blamed the Biden Administration’s energy policies for these issues.
“That means that everybody that frequents the business, everybody that is employed by the business that’s supporting their families are all being negatively affected by these horrible economic policies set by the Biden Administration, and the radical, uncontrolled spending by the House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi,” Van Orden said. “And it’s got to stop.”
Nearly 20 small business owners took part in the discussion with Van Orden.
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