PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Heading into the final 3 weeks leading up to Election Day, Republican Candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd District kicked off a 19 county tour on Tuesday night with hosting more than 40 veterans and their families at the American Legion in Sparta in Monroe County. 
Van Orden mingled with the crowd before taking the stage and talking about the sacrifices military families make and how he will help address the challenges veterans are facing, particularly with the red tape at the Veterans Administration, and Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, abandoning thousands of Americans to the Taliban.

“We’re starting off our 19 county tour wrapping up the last 21 days of the election and there’s no place I’d rather be than with my fellow legionnaires here in Sparta. It’s like going to dinner at your family’s house” Van Orden said at the event.

“I’m here with you,” he said, when asked what his message to veterans is. “I get all of my healthcare through the VA, and I plan to be the only sitting Member of Congress if elected that will continue to get his healthcare through the VA system.”

The county tour will reach all 19 whole and partial counties in the 3rd Congressional District, continuing Van Orden’s commitment to meeting people where they are.

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