PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Derrick Van Orden’s campaign for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District is launching it’s first TV ad of the race this week, highlighting Derrick’s background as a 26 year Navy veteran, and contrasting his experience with that of the rubber stamp Democrats running in this 3rd District primary.

Take a look at the ad HERE.


Here’s a fun fact. 3 out of 4 Members of Congress were already professional politicians before they even got to DC. And then they cash in and become lobbyists.

It ain’t me.

I’m Derrick Van Orden, a retired Navy SEAL with 26 years of service, and I will pass term limits and ban congressmen from ever becoming lobbyists.

I’m Derrick Van Orden and I approve this message. Let’s try something different. Let’s change the people we send to DC.

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