PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – The Van Orden campaign is launching a new ad one year after Kabul fell to the Taliban following Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal.

Click here to see the ad.

One year ago, the Taliban completed their takeover of Afghanistan, storming Kabul and taking the city back as the Biden Administration scrambled to avoid disaster.

They failed.

Instead, 13 American servicemembers were killed in terrorist attacks, and the Biden Administration left thousands of Americans and our allies behind, continually obfuscating and lying about the true number of citizens left to their fate at the hands of the Taliban.


[Reporter]: This is totally a nightmare scenario.

[Van Orden] Like you a year ago, I was disgusted when Biden fled Afghanistan. Today, I’m still pissed.

Biden’s failed America.

13 of my brothers and sisters are dead and thousands of American and our allies were abandoned to the Taliban.

No one’s been held accountable. No one’s been fired.

It’s not a partisan issue. It’s just wrong

I will never apologize for defending American citizens.

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