PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Derrick Van Orden released the following statement preempting Brad Pfaff’s latest attempt to draw headlines:

“Weeks after starting his media manipulation campaign, Brad Pfaff’s campaign finally contacted ours in a desperate attempt to rescue his floundering campaign. 

Our conditions were made clear in a published response: we look forward to negotiating with any media partners willing to put forth a town hall style debate. That has not changed. 

Brad Pfaff has proven he will not act in good faith and will do anything to continue manipulating the media for his personal political gain. 

You will know that the Pfaff campaign and certain media outlets are neither acting in good faith nor are they serious about allowing members of the public to ask the questions in the debate when they release this letter that was billed to us as private correspondence from one campaign to another.

We respect the citizens of the 3rd congressional district to not politicize this issue. It is abundantly clear the Pfaff campaign does not share this sentiment.”

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