PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Today, Derrick Van Orden released the following statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:
“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a flagrant violation of international law and must be met with the imposition of the harshest sanctions by the international community. As we condemn this Russian aggression, we must also demonstrate our unwavering support for the NATO alliance by bolstering our military presence in our allied countries. It must be explicitly clear to Russia that we stand united and will enact Article V immediately if attacked. We do not seek war, but will meet any aggression to our alliance, and we will respond with overwhelming force.
“In order to remove Russia’s ability to fund this and future military adventurism, we must immediately increase domestic energy production and provide the required resources to our allies to remove their dependence on Russian energy.
“To be clear, we are in this place as an international community due to the Biden administration’s abdication of leadership on the world stage and weakness demonstrated by abandoning Americans in Afghanistan. We must show strength now to stop this tragedy and deter other bad actors around the world from committing acts of expansionism.”
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