Tonight, Derrick Van Orden issued a statement regarding Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District election. While there remain a few precincts outstanding, after NBC News and RealClearPolitics called the race for Van Orden it became clear that Brad Pfaff no longer had a path to victory.

Derrick Van Orden released the following statement regarding his victory:

“Thank you to the voters of Wisconsin’s 3rd district who have given me their support throughout this election. I make a promise to you: I will be the hardest working Congressman you have ever had in this district. I look forward to working with anyone who will put the Mission first, and the Mission is America.

To Senator Pfaff, I look forward to working with you to do great things for the people of this district. You are my State Senator and as long as we can put the people of this district first, we will continue to move Wisconsin Forward.

This election was about gas, groceries and grandkids. Families can’t afford the first two, and are worried about the future for the third. I will do everything in my power to fight for our Wisconsin families and build a brighter future for America.”

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