Derrick Van Orden met with supporters yesterday in Richland and Sauk counties as part of his 19 county tour of the 3rd District

Derrick first met with Richland County Sheriff Clay Porter, one of the 16 3rd District Sheriffs who have endorsed his candidacy to discuss law enforcement issues. He then headed over to Viola, WI to tour S&S Cycle and meet with the owners and employees. Derrick stopped in Sauk county to knock on doors in La Valle and speak directly with voters before speaking at a meet and greet to share his vision for America’s future with the crowd. To end the night, Derrick went back to Richland County for a Get Out the Vote Rally with the Richland County Republican Party.

Derrick has already put nearly 200,000 miles on his vehicle over the course of this campaign getting out and meeting voters where they are and connecting with them about what needs to change in Washington to make lives better for Wisconsin families.

The next stop on the 19 County Tour? Grant County!

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