Derrick Van Orden took his campaign directly to the voters over the final month of the 2022 election, finishing his campaign with an unprecedented tour of the district, making 100+ stops at businesses, farms, sheriff’s offices, and more to show his commitment to the people of the 3rd district.

Van Orden’s final month of the campaign included:

  • 100+ stops to make his pitch directly to thousands of voters
  • 14 stops at family farms to hear directly from farmers how they are being impacted
  • 5 check ins with Sheriffs to discuss federal support for law enforcement
  • Dozens of business tours ranging from major corporations to family owned small businesses
  • 23 Get Out The Vote stops speaking with voters about the importance of this year’s election and answering their questions
  • Stops with Senator Ron Johnson, Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Michels, Representative Tom Tiffany, Congressman Glenn Grothman, State Senator Pat Testin, State Representative Travis Tranel, State Representative Scott Krug, State Representative Tony Kurtz, State Representative Rob Summerfield, State Senate Candidate Jesse James, State House Candidate Karen Hurd, and more.
  • Earned endorsements from the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance, the Tavern League of Wisconsin, and Associated Builders and Contractors.

Derrick Van Orden released the following statement on the final day before Election Day:

“It has been a privilege to travel this district, talking directly to our neighbors in their barns, kitchens, shops, vegetable stands, bakeries, and taverns. I will always meet the people where they are at, on their terms. That is how this is supposed to work.

They are facing so many challenges due to unchecked Democratic Party rule, and I have my marching orders to try and right this ship.

The career politicians have failed rural and small town America, tanked the economy for the next generation of Americans currently studying in our universities, and put the American Dream of 1st time home ownership out of reach for millions of our citizens.

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