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Justin Giorgio

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Derrick Van Orden released the following statement regarding debates: 

“I will be clear, this kerfuffle is another example of biased media coordinating with the Democratic Party. Our team reached out to media outlets across the 3rd District last month – well before the Pfaff campaign – to open this discussion, and we have the receipts. We have never been offered a formal invitation, or contacted by the Pfaff campaign to open this discussion. Pfaff is making this plea for help because his campaign is floundering.

I challenge the media to provide a fair, town hall style setting for a debate with Brad Pfaff. We have put over 160,000 miles on our vehicles traveling this district in this campaign, to imply that I’m afraid to speak to the voters in the 3rd is a foolish statement.

75% of our district does not have a four year degree, and they deserve to ask the questions, not university professors or biased media. If the media will provide a town hall style setting so the people of this district can take part, I will debate. 

We are done playing Professional Politician Pfaff’s games. The Pfaff campaign and the organizers of the UW-La Crosse debate have proven they will not act in good faith. I will happily put my record of 26 years of service against Pfaff’s 26 years record as a politician.

And finally, there is no circumstance I can think of where I would be afraid of Brad Pfaff and to imply so is absurd.”

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