PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Today, the Van Orden campaign launched a new ad titled “Trillions.”
Joe Biden’s reckless spending has driven inflation to 40 year highs. Brad Pfaff supported him 100% of the time. It’s past time for Washington to cut spending and balance the budget. Career Politicians like Brad Pfaff will just be more of the same.
Click here to see the ad and see below for a full transcript.
Transcript[Van Orden] Joe Biden took $4 Trillion from us taxpayers and he spent it.
$4 Trillion. And what di we get for it? Higher gas prices, higher groceries, just about everything.
Brad Pfaff? Well, he backed Joe Biden 100% of the time.
That’s what you get when you spend your career in politics.
Well it ain’t me. Let’s try something different. 
Let’s cut spending, balance the budget.
Get America back on track. 
I’m Derrick Van Orden and I approve this message.
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