WAUKESHA — Father, business attorney, former Badger football player, and candidate for Congress in the 5th district, Mike Van Someren, today released a comprehensive environmental plan to grow the economy while stewarding the environment.

“We need to protect Wisconsin’s beautiful natural resources, and we can be innovative to ensure families can continue to enjoy our quality of life while we do right by the planet,” said Van Someren. “It’s not a choice between the economy and the environment – our strategy should be to grow our economy BY protecting our natural environment and addressing climate change. That’s how we make Wisconsin, and America, stronger.”

Mike Van Someren’s plan includes four key pillars: Stewardship of Natural Resources, Green Technology Jobs, Green Energy Infrastructure, and Sustainable Family Farming. Similar to his economic plan, the vision prioritizes working families over the super wealthy and megacorporations. His plan is rooted in socially and environmentally-conscious, market-based approaches that will return the middle class to generating the majority of our nation’s income while ensuring we protect the planet for future generations.

“Whether it is adding clean nuclear energy to the clean energy mix alongside geothermal, solar, and wind, or it is reprioritizing family farming, we simply need to return to our most basic Wisconsin values in order to prepare for the future,” said Van Someren.

Mike’s full plan can be found on his website at mikevansomeren.com/environment.

The election for the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin’s 5th District is on Nov 8, 2022. Mike Van Someren for Congress is on the web at mikevansomeren.com, and is at @MVSforWI on social media.

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