WAUKESHA — Father, business attorney, former Badger football player, and candidate for Congress in the 5th district, Mike Van Someren, today released a comprehensive economic plan to level the playing field and rebuild the middle class.


“Mike Van Someren has a real plan to grow our economy,” said Aaron Matter, managing director and founder of Matter Development. “As a business owner and real estate developer, I can tell you firsthand that his common-sense application of legal knowledge makes it clear that he understands business and how to use it to make America stronger.”


Mike Van Someren’s plan includes provisions that draw on his blue-collar roots to prioritize working families over the super wealthy and megacorporations. His plan is rooted in socially and environmentally-conscious, market-based approaches that will return the middle class to generating the majority of our nation’s income while holding Wall Street accountable.

The plan will take action to accomplish the following:

  • Reshoring supply chains

  • Fighting inflation

  • Regulating Wall Street

  • Passing human infrastructure proposals

  • Improving working conditions and pay for current workers

  • Bolstering our physical infrastructure


“The combination of Mike’s humble upbringing, hardworking demeanor and goal-oriented personality throughout his career give him an understanding of citizens and the economy from both a blue-collar and white-collar perspective, allowing him to provide solutions that will work for everyday Americans,” said Ryan Krombach, a banking and finance professional in Greater Milwaukee. “I am happy to give this plan my endorsement.”


Mike’s full plan can be found on his website at mikevansomeren.com/rebuild-middle-class.


The election for the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin’s 5th District is on Nov 1, 2022, with a primary election on August 16, 2022. Mike Van Someren for Congress is on the web at mikevansomeren.com, and is at @MVSforWI on social m

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