PEWAUKEE–Congressional candidate Mike Van Someren (WI-5) released a Public Safety Plan today as polls suggest violent crime is again reaching the top of lists of voter concerns in advance of the 2022 fall election.


“I’m a family man, and like all my neighbors, I want our community to be safer,” said Van Someren. “That’s why I’m releasing our comprehensive safety plan today. Unfortunately, my opponent has no new ideas and lacks understanding of the challenges our brave first responders face. If you want safer streets, it’s important to make a change in Congress this fall.”


“Mike Van Someren gets it,” said former MIlwaukee Police Captain and West Bend Police Chief Ken Meuler. “His plan is comprehensive and balanced, and will make us safer. I’m proud to support this plan and to support Mike.”


Van Someren’s plan includes five primary provisions: 1) investing in law enforcement; 2) a realistic approach to gun safety; 3) better crime prevention; 4) criminal justice reforms, and 5) addressing Alcohol & Drug Addiction and Mental Health..

“We need to give our police the tools and training to succeed, and stop asking them to serve as mental health counselors and social workers,” said Van Someren. We can do better for our community and for those in law enforcement.”


The plan also includes provisions to confront gun violence, calls for the legalization of cannabis, and addresses racial and other disparities.


“We need an all–hands on deck approach to public safety,” said Van Someren. “We need violence prevention in the community, we need stronger, better-trained law enforcement, and we need to be sure that our interventions are constitutional and unbiased. All of that is important.”


The full plan and all of Mike Van Someren’s issues are available at

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