BROOKFIELD – Lieutenant governor candidate Ben Voelkel, a former longtime senior aide to Senator Ron Johnson, said the following about the State Senate’s actions on elections-related bills Tuesday:

“The State Senate’s action today is notable not for the bills they will pass, but for one they won’t even vote on. Senators are considering a bunch of election bills that stand no chance of being signed into law by Tony Evers. And even under those circumstances the Senate is unwilling to acknowledge voters’ concerns and take a bold stand in favor of eliminating the broken, dysfunctional Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“If senators can’t be courageous when there are no consequences for their actions, how can we expect them to champion big reforms when they might actually be signed into law? Wisconsin needs bold leadership, not more of the same cautious Madison politics.”

Ben first came out in favor of eliminating the Wisconsin Elections Commission in October 2021 and remains one of the only lieutenant governor candidates on record in favor of doing so.

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