Janesville – Marisa Voelkel is pleased to announce that Gary Hamblin, Retired Dane County Sheriff (1997-2007) has given his endorsement for her candidacy as the Representative for the 43rd Assembly.

“Marisa understands the challenges that we all face today; inflation, the erosion of support for public safety, the tax burden on our seniors, the failings in our educational system, and the list goes on. She will use her life experiences and common sense to work for all of us to meet those challenges and make Wisconsin a safe, affordable and working state again,” said Sheriff

Marisa responds, “it is an honor to have the support of former Sheriff Hamblin. I will always back the badge. Furthermore, I will do my best to be a reasonable voice for those in the middle who have felt ignored in years past. As I stated to Sheriff Hamblin, politicians are supposed to work for the people, and that is what I intend to do.”

By and large across the 43rd District, people feel unheard and unrepresented. Seniors and families are facing losing their homes, small businesses struggle to remain open, parents and businesses feel burdened by school referendums and have concerns about their children’s education. Wisconsinites just want someone to listen and to stand up for their interests.

Marisa has the endorsements of local Wisconsinites whom she has had personal experience or working relationships over the years. As a citizen herself, she views the role of a Representative as one of compassion, common sense, and servant leadership. Sheriff Hamblin’s endorsement and others can be found on her website, marisavoelkel.com.

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