Waukesha, WI – The Waukesha County Republican Party plans to show the film “Capital Punishment”, a film depicting the Jan 6th insurrection as a false flag by the FBI, on January 18th. This morning Waukesha County Democratic Party Chairman Matt Mareno released the following statement in response:

While a bipartisan committee investigates an armed insurrection that caused over 140 officers to be injured, four officers to lose their lives, and threatened our democracy, the Waukesha GOP celebrates conspiracy theories. The voters of Waukesha County deserve better than a Party that only stands by our shared values of democracy, fairness and equality when it’s convenient for them

This film showing is the latest in an ongoing dive into conspiracy theory films shown by the Waukesha County Republicans. Last year they screened “Absolute Proof” a conspiracy theory movie about the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Keith Best a paid staffer for the Waukesha GOP said “Over 80 folks…came away convinced the crime committed was theft of an election.” These theories and the people who support them should stay in the darkest part of the internet and not running political parties and campaigns.

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