The Wisconsin Counties Association is commending the Joint Committee on Finance for  their approval today of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s plan to utilize an  extra $283 million in federal transportation monies. 

“The majority of this extra money comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and  JCF’s approval today will help local governments across our state to invest even more in  infrastructure and keep our state moving forward,” said WCA President & CEO Mark D.  O’Connell.  

He continued, “Their action, under the leadership of co-chairs Senator Howard Marklein  and Representative Mark Born, supports the recommendations of WisDOT and  

demonstrates a bipartisan victory. It will be the citizens of Wisconsin that benefit.” 

According to the approved WisDOT plan by the committee today, 60 percent of funds  ($123.6 million) will go to local roads through the state highway rehabilitation program,  with 40 percent ($83.8 million) going to the state for other transportation projects.  In  addition, 100 percent of the bridge funding ($60.7 million) will go to the locals for bridges. 

“Without a doubt, this was a joint effort between the legislature, WisDOT and the  Administration, who worked together to get this money into the hands of our local  governments who work to build our roads, bridges, and highways. The result will be a  positive impact on Wisconsin for generations to come,” said O’Connell.   

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