MADISON – Representative Jon Plumer (R – Lodi) released the weekly radio address on behalf  of Wisconsin Legislative Republicans. 

With the work search requirement reinstated this past summer, more individuals are submitting  resumes for available jobs. This has unfortunately led to the practice of “ghosting” in which an  employer will contact a prospective employee, set up an interview, only to have that individual  not reply or not show up for their interview. 

Under current law, there is no penalty for an individual receiving unemployment to not show up for a scheduled interview or respond to such a request. 

To help resolve this problem of individuals taking advantage of the unemployment system, I am  authoring LRB 3005 in this package aimed at reducing UI Ghosting. The bill creates penalties for not showing up for interviews and not responding.  

As an employer, I pay into this system for unemployment, and I believe in the system. I think it’s  incredibly important to protect people who through no fault of their own have lost their  positions, but we also have to do everything we can to protect this system so it’s there for people when they need it.

I am very happy to be a part of this package and very proud of this group.

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