West Allis, Wis. (4 October 2022) ─ The West Allis Professional Police Association (WAPPA), the labor union that represents rank and file officers employed by the second largest municipal law enforcement agency in Milwaukee County, announced their endorsement of several candidates for the upcoming November 2022 election. 

Their endorsements are as follows:

  • Tim Michaels (R) – Governor, State of Wisconsin
  • Eric Toney (R) – Attorney General, State of Wisconsin
  • Ron Johnson (R) – United States Senate
  • Keva Turner (R) – Wisconsin State Assembly, District 14
  • Rob Hutton (R) – Wisconsin State Senate, District 5

Each of the candidates the WAPPA endorses vehemently opposes any radical anti-law enforcement policies such as defunding the police or the elimination of cash bail, as espoused by their opponents. Personal safety is a real fear for many Wisconsinites, especially those who must live and work within the Metro-Milwaukee area.The WPPA announced their endorsements in the midst of record numbers of homicides, vehicle thefts, and pervasive reckless driving behavior that is plaguing the City of Milwaukee and major first tier suburbs such as West Allis.

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