Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy issued the following statement this evening — Election Day — thanking election workers for their hard work and service. The bipartisan business leader coalition also urged respect throughout the day, so electoral operations can proceed without disruption, and votes can be counted without interference:

“All of us in Wisconsin owe a debt of gratitude to the thousands of election workers across our state who give their time and energy to ensure free and fair elections. These officials are not just dedicated public servants; they are our family members and neighbors and friends. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

“We can expect that election returns will come late tonight and into tomorrow morning as election workers tally both in-person votes and votes that come in by mail. This is how the process has worked in Wisconsin for years, and it’s how election officials ensure all votes are counted. This is a sign of a strong election process because it takes time to double and triple check the ballots. You can read more about the process here. That’s our democracy at work, and we must all come together to ensure it can work successfully, free from the intrusion of bad faith actors.”

About WBLD

Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy is a bipartisan coalition of job creators that believe we all have a responsibility to support free, fair, and regular elections, in which every citizen is able to exercise their right to vote. At a time when election results are being unduly called into question and laws are being passed that restrict our fellow citizens’ access to vote, WBLD raised its voices in defense of our democracy. The coalition is dedicated to ensuring equitable access to voting, non-partisan, transparent election policy and administration, and unbiased representation.

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