In response to the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, Wisconsin is Working Families Party Senior Organizer Nora Rasman said: 

By hijacking the Supreme Court, Republicans have achieved their long-sought goal of stripping people seeking abortions of the right to plan families and control their own bodies.

Without access to abortion there is no such thing as equality for birthing people. Abortion is an racial and economic justice issue as much as anything. People with wealth and connections will, as they always have, be able to access the care they need safely, while poor and working class people, and disproportionately BIPOC folks, who need abortion care will be forced into pregnancies. There is no just society that doesn’t make abortion legal, safe, and accessible for all.

This decision is another reminder: Elections matter. Elected officials have had decades to further protect abortion in law. Instead abortion will become illegal in Wisconsin, one of 13 states thats archaic laws will end what limited access exists. On Wednesday State Senate leaders gaveled in and out in under 15 seconds refusing to take action to repeal the 1849 abortion ban.

With our democracy under attack at the national level, Wisconsin state leaders and our elected leaders in Washington need to step up now to protect abortion for anyone who needs one.

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