One purpose of the Congressional District Convention is to elect district officers.

This year we will elect 1st Vice-Chair as this position is vacant, it will be a one-year position, one three-year position to the Platform and Resolution committee and a one-year position as the alternate to the Platform and Resolution committee.

In order to run for one of these positions you must be a member in good standing of the party. If you want to run for a position, you can file a “Declaration of Intent” which is due by 5:00 pm on April 20, 2022. The information provided by you will be shared with the 1st CD delegates in order to introduce yourself to them. Candidates can also be nominated from the floor at the convention. All candidates will have 2 minutes to speak to the convention delegates and guests.

The following positions on the 1st CD Executive Committee are up for election on Saturday, April 30, 2022 and will be elected by the delegates at the Convention. The duties for each position are stated.

First Vice-Chair: Shall assist the Chair in regard to communications and public relations, including but not limited to managing and posting in all of our social media accounts.

Platform and Resolution Committee member:
• Platform and Resolutions Committee member shall be a member of the State Platform and Resolutions Committee;
• Shall Serve a three-year term;
• The District publicize the form of resolutions prescribed by the State By-laws and the deadline for their submission to the County Chairs at least thirty days prior to the District Convention;
• Assemble, put in proper form, and transmit to the State Platform and Resolution Committee those resolutions which are proposed by the District Convention;
• Choose the committee Chair for a term of one year and report the result to the Chair of the District Organization.

Alternate to the Platform and Resolution Committee:
• Serve a one-year term;
• Perform the duties of a Platform and Resolution Committee member when they are not available to perform their duties.

To file a “Declaration of Intent” copy and paste this link to access the necessary form:

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