Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale released the following statement on Governor Tony Evers’ 2022 State of the State Address on February 15, 2022:

In a refreshing State of the State, Governor Evers provides a clear roadmap for a thriving Wisconsin with good jobs, improved broadband access, career training, key infrastructure investment, healthy communities, and robust economic opportunity for all.

With a focus on supporting the working people of Wisconsin, Governor Evers puts forth in his 2022 State of the State address commonsense policies to help families with rising costs, connect workers with jobs and advance Wisconsin towards a brighter future. By supporting teachers and getting schools the resources they need to thrive, Governor Evers will improve education and create better schools for the next generation. His focus on advancing and improving our infrastructure will create living wage jobs, spur economic development, and build Wisconsin for the future. By expanding emergency medical services, Governor Evers is bolstering the hardworking first responders who provide life-saving care in our communities and ensuring Wisconsinites can have emergency services in our time of need.

In tonight’s address, Governor Evers puts forth real solutions to fix the underlying issues plaguing our economy. Governor Evers’ targeted focus on training and investment in apprenticeship programs will match workers to job openings and create a pipeline of skilled workers in family-supporting careers. By expanding access to broadband and making child care more affordable, we can connect Wisconsinites to economic opportunity in our state.

Thanks to Governor Evers, Wisconsin is currently facing low unemployment and a record state surplus. It’s time to follow Governor Evers’ leadership and lay the foundation for a long-lasting, thriving and fair Wisconsin economy with good economic opportunity and safe, family-sustaining jobs for all.


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