On January 21, over 30 quality assurance workers at Activision Blizzard-run Raven Software in Madison, Wisconsin announced the launch of the Game Workers Alliance Union with the Communications Workers of America. Workers in Raven’s quality assurance department, who mainly work on the game Call of Duty, are calling for voluntary recognition of their union from Activision Blizzard management. Raven Software is among the Activision Blizzard-owned studios set to be acquired by Microsoft for nearly $69 billion.

“We proudly stand in solidarity with the members of the Game Workers Alliance Union (CWA) at Raven Software in Madison as they call for voluntary union recognition,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. “Today marks a historic step in the movement to create positive change and build a better gaming industry for the workers who make video games. Quality assurance workers at Raven are joining together for a seat at the table. Giving gaming workers a real voice with the power of collective bargaining is the surest way to address workplace needs and advance the industry as a whole for working people.”

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