“Congratulations to Governor Tony Evers, Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez, Attorney General Josh Kaul and all the union-approved candidates that won election last night in Wisconsin. Since day one of his administration, Governor Evers has stood with and fought for the working people of Wisconsin. He invested in infrastructure, cracked down on worker misclassification and payroll fraud, protected safe licensing standards and focused on getting families clean drinking water. Governor Evers’ strong record of delivering for the people of Wisconsin won him a second term alongside his new Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez, a former public health nurse who deeply understands the importance of unions.

While we await the final results of many closely watched races, including the US Senate race between Mandela Barnes and Ron Johnson, we rest assured that the tireless organizing efforts of Wisconsin working people to engage voters in one-on-one discussions about the issues that matter made a critical difference this year.

While we wait for every vote to be counted, it’s clear the victories we see in Wisconsin were fueled by the grassroots, union-powered campaign of tens of thousands of Labor 2022 volunteers who knocked doors, made phone calls, wrote postcards and had workplace conversations about the candidates who will fight for workers and advance our rights while in office.

Our conversations don’t end today. We will keep fighting to build worker power, organize new unions, and win on the issues that matter most to working people across our state and nation.”

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