The Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) is conducting its 2022 Annual Fall Conference in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8.  Aspart of the Friday program, WAA is including a “thank you to Governor Tony Evers.” The recognition is for listening to and inviting landlords to the table where discussions helped facilitate the implementation and operation of two very necessary and successful emergency rental housing programs: WRAP and WERA.

WRAP, the Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program, was established in 2020 after Congress passed the CARES Act to respond to COVID-19’s dramatic impact on the national economy.  WERA, the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance program, followed in 2021 and provided additional financial assistance to renters and their landlords. 

“We are all especially grateful for the openness afforded to our WAA landlords by the majorstate agencies who were involved in the emergency rental assistance programs,” said Gary Goyke, Legislative Representative for the WAA.  “Their dedication helped save Wisconsin lives, prevented evictions and reduced the spread of COVID 19.  We say thank you and job well done.”

“Our members will work closely with all state and local agencies to make the next generation of emergency rental assistance an effective initiative to assist our tenants as we all work to improve financial security,” according to Corina Eufeinger, WAA president.

Chris Mokler, Legislative Director of WAA added, “The Governor often talks about ‘Connecting the Dots’ and I can tell you he did exactly that with every single one of our state affiliates. The state listened to us in countless calls and meetings. And to express our appreciation we will be delivering a large “thank you” poster to the Governor’s office in the days ahead, which shows how all those DOTS were connected.”

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