Recognizing Your School Board’s Focus on All Children

2022 Wisconsin School Board Week Is Oct. 2-8

School board service begins when a community member wants to help children in their public schools reach their potential.

These community members bring different backgrounds, interests and passions to their board service, but they share a belief that all their students can achieve.

This conviction — “We believe all our students can achieve” — is this year’s theme for Wisconsin School Board Week [ ] , observed Oct. 2-8.

This core belief motivates everything school boards do, from overseeing multimillion dollar budgets to advocating for schools at the local, state and federal levels. School board members work to ensure that each student in their community receives a world-class education that nurtures their talents and unlocks opportunity.

Public schools are the heart of our communities and our democracy, ensuring that every child has an opportunity to succeed. To oversee this important work and provide accountability for how taxpayer dollars are spent, local communities elect school board members to govern public education.

Just as teachers advance student learning from the classroom, school boards work from the boardroom. Effective schools start with effective school boards.

School boards direct their districts through policy. They hire superintendents to manage day-to-day operations in school. They make often difficult budget decisions.

School board service, never simple or easy, is being tested in new ways. School board members welcome feedback from their communities. Public input is most effective when it recognizes the common mission of citizens and school board members.

Throughout the year, locally elected board members devote a significant amount of their time and energy to our public schools because they believe in the importance of strengthening our students and our communities. In addition to attending meetings, they spend countless hours preparing for meetings, studying issues and participating in professional development.

Our deepest appreciation is extended to the dedicated men and women who provide the public voice in public education. Please join us in recognizing and thanking your local school board members for their work, leadership, and public service during Wisconsin School Board Week, Oct. 2-8.

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