August is Child Support Awareness Month, which highlights the important role the
program plays in creating economic security for families. Wisconsin’s 71 county child
support agencies and their employees work hard all year long to give children and
parents access to the services and financial support they need to be successful.
“Many people think the child support program is limited to collecting support orders, but
we actually provide a holistic set of services to children and both parents. This includes
helping people find jobs, establishing health insurance for children and connecting
families to social service programs,” said WCSEA President Pamela Pipkin.
Child support is one of the most effective anti-poverty programs in the state and nation,
with county child support agencies serving approximately 347,000 children and
collecting roughly $906 million in financial support for Wisconsin families in 2021 alone.
County child support agencies provide a broad array of services that reduce childhood
poverty rates, establish parental rights, ensure children have access to health care and
promote the involvement of both parents in the lives of their children.
“We work closely with community partners, including social service agencies, employers
and the courts to provide economic security for Wisconsin families,” said Pipkin.

County child support agencies across Wisconsin use creative and innovative ways to support children and parents, including:

• Helping both parents find employment by connecting them to training programs
or organizing local job fairs with employers.

• Partnering with other programs to provide referrals for needed services and to right-size orders for parents impacted by substance use disorders, domestic violence or incarceration.

• Working with Child Support Liaisons to ensure low-income noncustodial parents receive the services they need to find work and support their children.

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