(Madison, WI) Today, charter members of Wisconsin Citizens Demanding Election Integrity (WCDEI) issued an open letter, putting Wisconsin’s Republican state legislators on notice that their coalition will work for the removal of those officials who do not now quickly move to decertify November 2020 election results.  

Each Republican legislative office will receive an electronic copy of the open letter, which is also being widely distributed via social media. The letter can be viewed at: bit.ly/DecertifyWI 

WCDEI has given legislators until end-of-day on March 17th to make their intentions regarding decertification plain to the people of Wisconsin, via either press conference or press release. Any state legislator failing to meet this deadline will be considered in violation of his or her sworn oath and will be prioritized for removal from office. The coalition’s large and growing network of citizens will subsequently work to achieve those removals.  

“Honest elections are foundational to an open and voluntary society,” charter WCDEI member and Sheboygan  County resident James Tesauro asserted this morning. “Evidence of the profound election and voter fraud that riddled Wisconsin’s November 2020 election has only continued to mount over the past 16 months. If our  legislators refuse to see and act on the truth, citizens have a duty to remove and replace them with individuals whose  vision, principles, and commitment to a free society are fully intact.”  

Tesauro is no stranger to principle, having served 10 years in U.S. Army Aviation and attaining the rank of Captain.  

“Decertification is the proper constitutional course for Wisconsin legislators to correct the gross error they made in  certifying suspect election results that merited deeper investigation from the outset.” Tesauro continued.” 

Kim Simac, another charter WCDEI member and longtime grassroots activist from Vilas County added: “State legislators each swear an oath to represent us, to uphold the laws of the land, and to defend our rights. With  regrettably few exceptions, Republican state legislators have instead sat back and given election corruption a pass.” 

Tesauro and Simac’s comments come just days after the release of Special Counsel Gableman’s explosive and well-documented report on extensive voter fraud in Wisconsin nursing homes. Most of Wisconsin’s Republican legislators have remained strangely silent on Gableman’s findings. 

“WCDEI’s strong and growing coalition of citizens won’t tolerate inaction and evasion of duty any longer,” Simac concluded. “Time’s up.”

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