I am endorsing Tim Michel’s, and asking for you to go out and vote for Michel’s, TOMORROW, in the race for Governor.

I have known Tim Michel’s for over two decades. Like myself, he is a blue-collar conservative who knows how to solve problems. Tim is a businessman, Army Veteran, and not a politician. He is a proven leader who is not beholden to Mad-City and the Madison Insiders like Robin Vos and Scott Jensen that run the state and are backing Rebecca Kleefisch. He has refused to take any special interest lobbying and PAC money. His opponent, Rebecca Kleefisch, relies on lobbyists and PACs to fund her campaign and she will owe them meetings, budget request and funding for their programs.

What separates Tim Michel’s from Kleefisch?

Tim is a businessman, Kleefisch is a career politician.

Tim does not need the job; he is running to solve problems and serve like he did in the Army. Kleefisch needs a job, what else would she do?

Like Trump, Michel’s does not need wealth, he has it, and he will not make any money off taxpayers and reward his friends. Kleefisch will owe a lot of people. Tim Michel’s will not.

Kleefisch husband is lobbyist, so they have gotten far more money than Tim has from the state, and he gave the state something; good roads and save taxpayers millions of dollars by being a low bidder.

Michel’s has executive experience, Kleefisch has none. Lt. Governor is a not a crucial role. And they have no power or responsibilities.

Most importantly: Who can win against Evers?

Michel’s is not part of the Madison club that is promoting Kleefisch. They do not own him or have an inside track to him. He does not have to listen to them, or take their meetings, or fund their programs and he can do this because he refused their money.

Tim Michel’s is best positioned to solve problems and will not sell out to the Madison lobbyists and insiders.

What will Tim Michel’s do as Governor? Solve problems and fix the mess in Madison. How?

Education: Tim has made “teaching the kids to read” a big priority in his race for Governor. This is an issue I have stressed for many years, and the GOP and Democrats have ignored it. Walker/Kleefisch did nothing to hold the schools, unions accountable on reading and as a result, scores dropped and got worse. Tim will enact universal school choice, make Milwaukee sell empty school buildings to choose schools, fund programs that instruct kids trades that pay great money like they do at Michel’s Corp. A foreman at Michel’s Corp can make 200k a year.

Tim Michel’s is a devoted Christian, pro-life and will fire DA’s who refuse to enforce our pro-life statue that has meaning in a post-Roe world.

Tim, like myself, has never missed dear season. He is an outdoors person and avid hunter. He has been hunting since five and is a well-trained marksman. He will defend the second amendment and take his oath of office seriously.

Crime: Michel’s will lock up the bad guys because he understands you cannot allow them to run rampant on the streets. He will go after the Soros DAs without remorse. They are the worst, and they will feel Tim Michel’s wrath.

Election Integrity: Tim will get rid of WEC and remove the corrupt illegal guidance from 2020 and prior. Walker/Kleefisch created WEC and did nothing to force WEC commissioners to remove people from the voter rolls. This cost Trump 2020.

Tim will cut our taxes and grow our economy. He has grown Michel’s from three hundred employees to 8,000, today and is the largest construction company in Wisconsin.

Michel’s was born here in Wisconsin, graduated from high school in Lomira and college at St. Norbert in Wisconsin, built and headquartered his business in Wisconsin. His kids were born here in Wisconsin and his wife served on the board of her kids’ school.

The Michel’s family is very tight. When Tim left to join the Army he brought his wife Barbara back with him, they built a family, a business and are active members of their community in Oconomowoc and Hartland where they have always resided.

Tim guarded the Tomb of the Unknown which is an honor that reserved to people with high integrity and honor.

I know Tim, this is a man who will shake your hand, give you his word and honor his word. He always has with me, and he will with our state.

Tim Michel’s is the only candidate in this race who can defeat Evers. He has the organization, the blueprint, and the resources to take on Evers and win.

Go vote for Tim Michel’s on Tuesday, August 9.

Bob Dohnal

Publisher, Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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