The Wisconsin Dairy Alliance (WDA) and Venture Dairy Cooperative (VDC) proudly endorse Senator Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate. “Ron Johnson is a true friend to farmers and doesn’t just pretend to be around election time. His actions speak louder than words as he has supported policies that will increase agricultural exports, and has been a champion for free trade,” said Cindy Leitner, President of Wisconsin Dairy Alliance. 

“We know Senator Johnson will fight to reduce the growing cost of fuel, fertilizer and other farm costs which are out of control. Many farmers cannot sustain these inflated prices putting our food supplies at risk and already inflated food prices unsustainable for many families. We know Senator Johnson brings common sense to Washington D.C.,” continued Leitner. 

“Farmers cannot afford to put Mandela Barnes in the U.S. Senate. Time and again he has made it clear not only does he not support farmers, but he certainly has not taken the time to educate himself on farming, especially large-scale dairy. He has been a vocal supporter of the Green New Deal, which is nothing but a bad deal that will harm farmers. We support Senator Ron Johnson because he doesn’t just cozy up to farmers right before an election. He is a steadfast supporter of Wisconsin’s agricultural industry and a strong leader on issues beyond agriculture that are important to farmers,” said Kim Bremmer, Executive Director of Venture Dairy Alliance.

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