Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice is deeply disappointed in the WI State Supreme Court’s decision in Teigen v WEC that severely restricts the use of dropboxes and hamstrings the ability of voters to have assistance in delivering their absentee ballot to the clerk’s office.

Today, one month away from the primary election, the state Supreme Court issued their decision in Teigen v WEC, eliminating the use of dropboxes and restricting voters’ ability to have assistance in delivering their absentee ballot. This decision is a travesty in a state that used to pride itself on being a leader in our democracy.

The Teigen decision has essentially banned the use of dropboxes.  Dropboxes have been an incredibly useful tool for voters to be able to deliver their ballots in a safe and secure manner. This decision will put an unnecessary barrier in front of voters, who used dropboxes in 2020 to vote in unprecedented numbers.

The decision also requires that absentee ballots can only be delivered through the mail or in person by the voter to the clerk’s office.  Federal law still protects the rights of those with disabilities to have assistance in delivering their ballot, and we encourage those voters to contact their clerk’s office to request that accommodation for the August 9 primary and the November general election.

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice believes that voting is a sacred right that should be available and accessible to all eligible voters.  Without that right and that access, democracy is a sham.

We encourage voters who have received their absentee ballots to put them in the mail as soon as possible.  We also encourage voters to take advantage of early voting, which can begin as early as 14 days before the August 9 primary. Make a plan now for how and when you are going to vote. Do not allow anyone, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court, interfere with your sacred right to vote!

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