Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed Rebecca Kleefisch for governor.

Julaine Appling, WFA PAC Director, commented, “WFA PAC is proud to endorse Rebecca Kleefisch for governor of Wisconsin. Rebecca has a solid conservative track record. She understands and is committed to strengthening, preserving, and promoting Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her families. Supporting economic growth through job creation and a commitment to reducing the tax burden are proof-positive that Rebecca understands that when Wisconsin’s families are strong and independent, Wisconsin is strong.

“Time and again, Rebecca has proven she is pro-life—that she is dedicated to the biological reality that life begins at conception and deserves protection from that moment. As lieutenant governor, while she was not in a lawmaking or law-enacting office, Rebecca championed pro-life legislation, using her unique position as a platform to advance protections for both the unborn and their mothers. We have no doubt that as governor, she would continue to advance the pro-life cause in our state.

“In recent months, Rebecca has been an especially strong voice for the right of parents to be involved in the education of their children. She is listening to parents and encouraging them to hold school boards accountable for their policies and instruction and to run for their local school boards. She is also advocating for the expansion of school choice, understanding that income and zip code should not determine whether or not parents have educational options.

“We cannot imagine Rebecca Kleefisch ever issuing an Executive Order or signing a bill into law or even championing a bill that would in any way restrict our religious freedom. Rather, we are confident that as governor she will bring a correct understanding of the First Amendment of the US Constitution and of Article I, Section 18 of our State Constitution—and will appropriately protect our religious freedom and right of conscience—especially in times of crisis.

“Rebecca Kleefisch doesn’t just talk; she backs up what she says with action. She’s someone who will fight for what is right and best for our citizens, always looking to build a Wisconsin where families will have every reason to stay, and families in other states will have every reason to move here. We issue this endorsement with confidence because we have seen proof of Rebecca’s conservative beliefs, of her character and her conviction under intense pressure. She’s ready to lead.”

Additional endorsements for this fall’s elections will be issued over the next several months.

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